Scratch Removal

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You accidentally scratched your car door with your keys while you had your hands full and now you have an awful scratch staring back at you every time you get into your car. Do you have to go to a dealership who will charge you for labor and everything else they can all for a simple scratch repair? Or can you take it to the for a fairly cheap price? Well, the answer is, an undersized scuff is something you can most likely have the Dent Shoppe fix for a very cheap price. However, if you’re small scratch looks more like a tree branch than a stick; the  car scratch repair team will help you with that as well.
  car scratch repair requires a couple of research steps before we can proceed on the actual scratch repairing. First we have to determine if your car has an enameled based paint, because some of the paint jobs on newer model vehicles won’t blend well with lacquer-based primer paint. Before we get started on the actual work, we determine the exact color of your car. We take your VIN number so that you can match up the cover-up paint with the car’s original coat.

It’s time to consult the professionals if the scratch on your car is stretched across a door or the hood and has become a dent repair or even a bumper repair issue. You’ll find a better finished-product by having Dent SHoppe scracth repair shop repaint the entire panel. If a scratch or scrape is left alone for a long time without repair, the area could start to rust, which is nearly impossible to stop once it has started. A small scratch, though, should be easy to tackle with the  car scratch repair team involved.